Laws and legal news about marijuana in Whistler, Canada

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It is considered illegal to possess cannabis in Whistler. When you have baggies, scale or any other tools used for selling cannabis then the police can arrest you for trafficking. Know that even though the Canadian government doesn’t tolerate the recreational use of cannabis, they stated multiple times that they support those who use cannabis for medical reasons. The police in Whistler seem to be interested only on big time bust so finding them hunting down cannabis smokers is very rare. Note that even though you are caught smoking cannabis, the worst thing that they can do is to issue you a ticket which is the very same ticket that you get for drinking not unless you gave them reason to arrest you. Just make sure that you keep a minimum amount of cannabis with you when moving around the city and you are good to go.

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Whistler, Canada

In Whistler, you can get a hold of the cannabis that you need just by asking the locals. Take a walk around town and keep an eye for hippies or those who wear rocker clothing. They usually smoke and know someone who can hook you up. However, keep in mind that not all locals in Whistler are tolerant when it comes to cannabis. Be careful who you ask and when asking, keep in mind that you have to be discrete and cool about it. You can also try visiting cafes, liquor stores and even convenient stores. Try asking those who hang around outside these establishments as well.

Prices and more information about cannabis in Whistler, Canada

There are dealers in Whistler that would increase the price of the bag just because you are a tourist. That is why it is best to tell a white lie that you are from Vancouver or any other cities in Canada. Being charged $40 for an eighth bag is not worth it. Note that the prices of cannabis in Whistler are the same in every city in Canada. A gram will cost you $10.

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